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 Clan Rules~~IMPORTANT!!! READ!!!

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PostSubject: Clan Rules~~IMPORTANT!!! READ!!!   Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:47 pm


1. SWEARING- Curse words are to be kept to a minimum as we may have younger members on the forums. Curse Words will be tolerated to an extent, but if they are used too much there will be consequences.

2. Inappropriate Talk- All talking is to be appropriate, and without any sexual discussion, racial slurs, or uneeded comments. This is a very important rule, and will be extremely punishable.

3. No Nudity/Pornographic Pictures/Graphics- There must be no posting of inappropriate pictures that include, Nudity, Nakedness, Pornography, or any type of Sexual Act. This is another rule that will be extremely Punishable.

4. NO Slandering Other Members- There will be no slanderous talk that may be offensive to another member, or will cause another member harm. Treat each other as you would like them to treat you.


1. NO Cheating- There must be no cheating in-games. Follow the rules of the game, and obey people that are in authority over you.

2. NO Boosting- (Mainly Call of Duty) There will be NO boosting of any sorts. You are meant to earn your levels, and not cheat your way to a higher level. THIS IS a VERY PUNISHABLE OFFENCE!

3. In-Game Talking- When playing in-game please try to obey XBOX rules, and DO NOT in anyway show bad reputation for the clan. We say this because we would like to be a good clan with a good reputation.


They are all punishable, and we will punish any rule breakers.

Thank you,
Assassin FV
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Clan Rules~~IMPORTANT!!! READ!!!
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